Marketing Is A Relationship

Not A One Night Stand!


Marketing is a relationship and we want to go on a first date.

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Ready To Settle Down?

Are you tired of spending hour upon hour of explaining your marketing strategy to a new person every time you want to create a new marketing campaign? We believe marketing should be like dating, you slowly build up a relationship with one person until you tie the knot. 

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The Marketing Game

The One Night Stand

This is the guy at the bar who is buying every girl siting alone a drink. Everyone knows what he wants but yet somehow he still ends up going home with someone. 

The Nice Guy

This is the guy that you might have passed up the first time, he was nice and seemed like a push over but in the end he was the one you should have chosen. 

The Player

This is the guy you went out with a few times probably dinner and a movie he asks you often to go back to his place and after you do you never hear from him again. 

The Marketing Relationship

Difficult to develop, like actual relationships it takes time and getting to know each other. We are ready to start developing our relationship with you even if its just a simple coffee date. 

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