4 Types Of Marketing That Will Empower Your Business

People in the past were not aware of the importance that marketing held for their businesses. 

People in the past were not aware of the importance that marketing held for their businesses. Today, people have more exposure than ever to the importance of this area. Still, there are a few people out there, who confuse this with advertising but obviously they aren’t the same. Advertising is describing your service to the masses while this is launching it in the market. Advertising costs you more and more money, but marketing turns out to be an investment if done with the right strategy in hand. Here are those few types of strategies that will empower your business and get into heights like a sky-rocket.

1.Search Marketing

There are multiple people who browse the internet daily and search for multiple things that may reciprocate to anything. This is where they make an entry of the research words and hit the search button; most of the time they chose and read from the first page of the search engine results. That is where search marketing comes in practice. This was basically search engine marketing (SEM) that is done by search engine optimization (SEO). You do the optimization of the words that best describe your service and place it among the topmost search results. This can be done both via paid or non-paid strategies. SEO is what you can do via unpaid means while Google AdWords is the one paid search platform that allows marketers to market their product.

2.Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing involves establishing a relationship between the customer and the marketer. This comprises of three different subcategories of “The One Night Stand“, “The Player“, & “The One“. The one night stand is the type of relationship marketing in which the customer hires a marketer, gets his short term work done and moves away from him; this is the most dangerous type of marketing. Next comes the player which involves playing at the part of the customer. When he tries multiple marketers and does not settle with the one; this is again not an ideal strategy. Last one is the one in which the customer searches for the best marketer for his job and sticks to him; this is the most authentic and effective form of relationship marketing as it involves a long term business relationship that nurtures the business growth. Feel free to sign up for my free email course on this subject at the top of this page. My free email course will help you learn what type of company or customer you are and how to change and become the one.

3.Article Marketing

Article marketing is something that has gained hype in recent times and it turned out to be one of the most effective strategies of all the times. There are people who rather than going to test a service or product; prefer reading about it or what other people have to say about it. This is where a perfectly search engine optimized article helps to market your service well and boosts your business.

4.Email Marketing

Email marketing involves creating a list of the consumers/customers and sending them automated emails that promote your service. This not only connects you to your clients but it also allows them to have a deep insight of what you are offering. So, it becomes apparent that they would at least for once peep in to have a look at your offerings and you might end up getting a loyal client base.

 Now that you have learned 4 of the most empowering styles to help grow your business go out and use them! Start putting them to work in for your business be it customer or agency. Not sure what type of marketer or customer you are? Take my FREE email course at the top of this page to learn more about them and see if you can overcome the challenges of becoming the one! Want to get in on the conversation? Feel Free to comment below or check out our Facebook page and let us know what you think about the marketing one night stand.
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