Can Working With The Marketing Player Be A Nightmare?

What Is The Marketing Player?

The marketing player is a cross between The One and The One Night StandThe player starts out trying to make a lasting relationship but ends up leaving you just like The One Night Stand. If you want to learn more about all 3 of the marketing relationship types feel free to sign up for my email marketing course you can do that at the top of this page and its FREE!

Being the marketing player is hard to tell, you can become the player and not even notice. As a business you can become a player if you handle small one off jobs from customers and offer no feed back or insight as to things your customers might benefit from and how you can help them. As a customer you can be a player if you talk about big jobs with an agency have them complete small jobs and then move on after the small stuff is finished.

Let me explain how to avoid being the player. While I won’t be talking about The One or The One Night Stand I go over those types in my marketing course and in their own blog posts so be sure to check that out.

Are You A Player?

In the dating world no one likes a player but in the marketing world a player is more common then you would think. Picture the average company/client doing a job or hiring you to complete a job. Now that you have pictured that imagine that job being a small job something that will be a quick encounter. You/They do a good job so we do a few more of these small quick encounter jobs. Now you think “Hey this is working out I like this” so you do a medium job that pays a bit more and then … boom … either side disappears never to be seen again.

Lets explain the above with a real life dating scenario. Lets say you go out on a few dates maybe dinner and a movie. Everything seem to be going well after another date you decide its time. You end the night at one of your houses and … well we all know what happens. The next day, week and month go by and neither of you contact the other. You both vanish from each others life never to be seen again.

This is an easy thing to end up doing as a business. Its money that is there for the taking and requires no follow up from you or the client. You do the work you get paid and then when the customer has no more work you move on. You can stop this and build a lasting relationship with your clients. If you are a client you can avoid agencies like this by changing a few things you do.

How To Stop Playing And Start Relating.

So you figured out your a player and you want to change that. Great, lets go over a few things you can do to move your self out of that mindset. Since you already have somewhat of a relationship with the customer or agency take it to the next level. I am first going to talk to the agencies. Make suggestions offer insight or tips that you the expert think would help their business. If they come to you with a job do it but while doing it figure out other marketing ideas you can write up. When you deliver the job also deliver your report giving them insight as to things you can do for them.

As a customer it can be harder to avoid being the player. You want the best deal right? Your business is to make money, if you can complete the task but for less why wouldn’t you? Well building a relationship with an agency is worth more than saving a few dollars. The value of an agency that knows you is way more than a few dollars you might save. Listen to the agency, when they offer ideas listen because you hired them for a reason. Request input from the agency about future campaigns that you plan to over coming so they can help you make it successful.

Now that your ready to be “The One” for marketing go out and strive to be better! If you are interested sign up for my free email course at the top of this post it will help you learn more about marketing relationships as well is see in depth examples of the different types. Want to get in on the conversation? Feel Free to comment below or check out our Facebook page and let us know what you think about the marketing one night stand.

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