Will You Ever Find The Marketing One?

What Is The Marketing One?

The marketing one is the be all end all for relationships. You will be at your most profitable when it comes to marketing once you find The One. Now the one is not to be confused with The One Night Stand or The Player. We talk more about those in other blog posts and our free email marketing relationship course that you can sign up for at the top of this page. You can be sure you have what it takes by looking at your self and determining if you want to be successful or if you are okay with mediocre results.

Finding the right agency or customer is hard, but don’t let that discourage you. We will go over how to tell if you found or how to stay the one. Finding them is the most important thing you can do to fully invest your money/time in the right way. As an agency you have the ability to only work with the clients you want to work with. The same can be said about you as the client when it comes to working with an agency. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and speak up to build a lasting relationship. Relationships are about open communication with each other.

Have I Found The One?

Have I found or am I the one? Great questions to ask lets go over a few things to tell if you are the one. Because knowing is half the battle, being is the other half. I am going to first talk about agencies then I will go into the customers point of view.

Now lets say your an agency, is your customer listening to tips and insight you give them? Are they always reaching out to you and going over future strategy and plans? You found the right customer, hold on to them make them your priority they will keep coming back to you as they grow successful from your marketing efforts.

As a customer does your marketing agency reach out to you? Are they listening to your requests for assistant or ideas? If so you found the right company to work with so hold on to them and let them guide you with their marketing expertise.

How To Stay The One.

As an agency are you offering your customers insight that will help their marketing strategy? You should be offering insight and ideas that help your customer grow their business with you as a marketing agency. Remember the more your customers make the more they will have to invest in marketing with you. If you aren’t making suggestions and actively reviewing your customers marketing strategy then you aren’t the one. But don’t let that stop you, start now its not to late!

As a customer do you search for the next best deal when it comes to marketing? If you do have you thought about reaching out to the last agency you worked with and asked for insight on your next project? Chances are they can help you and already know your style since they have worked with you in the past. If your marketing agency doesn’t reach out to you that doesn’t mean they are a bad company, they might be a little shy and not want to stop on your toes.

You have to remember either way, agency or customer the other one might be shy and scared of offending the other. That doesn’t make them a bad partner to work with. Try to stay ahead of your marketing strategy with the help of your agency/customer it will improve your marketing 100%. Don’t let bad experiences make you afraid of working with one company or customer. Don’t let past experiences harm your future potential.

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