Why Being The Marketing One Night Stand Will Ruin You.

What is the marketing one night stand?

The Marketing one night stand is someone who looks for the quick work and moves on. Let’s use Fiverr as an example. You go to Fiverr you search for what you need pay someone a small amount of money they deliver the service you bought and your interaction is done. What does that sound like to you? You go to the bar you meet someone you share drinks, you laugh and have a good time you go back to either place and the next morning you leave never to speak to them again.

Being the marketing one night stand you might think is a great idea get quick money doing small jobs look how successful Fiverr is lots of people selling so those people must be making money right? Sure they are making money but small amounts and at random times. As a business aren’t you looking for a relationship with your customers to build trust with each other so when you have ideas that will benefit your customer they listen and respect your opinion.

Now the one night stand isn’t the only relationship type for marketing you also have The Player and The One. You can read about those in my other blog posts but for now lets stick with the one night stand. I am going to explain to you how to avoid being that customer or company and how to avoid customers and companies like this.

Am I Having A Marketing One Night Stand?
I had a one night stand with marketing

In the dating world some people don’t mind having a one night stand, others cant stand it. The marketing world is the same way, some business and customers don’t mind throwing money at short term marketing campaigns praying it will build their business.

How can you tell if you are having a marketing one night stand? If you are the customer are you hiring different companies to handle your marketing when you need it? If you answered yes you are having a marketing one night stand and should STOP! You should probably consider looking for a company you feel comfortable with and can relate with because you need to build a relationship with them to have success.

If you are the agency its super easy to tell if you are the marketing one night stand. You take jobs from customers and once the job is finished you vanish never to speak to the customer again waiting for them to call you first. You could also speak to a customer and never attempt to build re-pour with the customer on first contact. That is the wrong move you need to STOP!

 How To Stop Having a Marketing One Night Stand!

We are going to explain how to stop the above from happening for both the customer and the agency. First we will start with the customer and follow up with agencies so you can avoid being the marketing one night stand as well.

I am sure you have heard that if you as a business want to be successful you need to market. Well it’s true but you have to market correctly otherwise you are wasting time and money. To do it correctly you need to build a relationship with a company so they can better meet your needs. To build a relationship just like in life you need to communicate openly with the company. Ask the company questions and elicit responses from them. They do this everyday all day and should have more insight as to what works than the average person. You have a few other ways to avoid this & other types of wasteful marketing just sign up for my free course above and the best part is…. ITS FREE! 

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